Candy Grams!

Tue, 02/06/2024 - 10:40am

The Class of 2025 is taking orders for Candy Grams this week only during all lunch shifts.  The Candy Grams will be delivered to students in school on 
Valentine's Day.  Students wanting to purchase a Candy Gram during their lunch shift need to have exact cash to order.  If you would like to order a 
Candy Gram online, please click the OSP link below.  You will need to select which Candy Gram you would like by price from the drop-down menu 
($2, $5, or $10).  Don't forget to fill in the student who it is for in the description box.
Choices are as follows; 
$2 Candy Gram contains: 2 Funs Dips, a couple assorted candies and a "to and from" card
$5 Candy Gram contains: Hershey kisses, assorted candy, lollipops, and a "to and from" card
$10 Candy Gram contains:  Hershey kisses, Hershey candy bar, small plush stuffed animal and a "to and from" card with a small hand written message.

The Class of 2025 are currently asking for donations of unopened, individually wrapped candy for use in constructing the Candy Grams. Donations can be dropped off in the Front  Office Monday - Wednesday next week (February 5 - 7), or directly to Mr. Blount, Mrs. Archibald, or Ms. Sheinhorn.  Thank you for your candy donations!