Junior and Senior College Checklists



Do a Self-Evaluation

Make an appointment with counselors to review progress & plan senior year courses

Identify Colleges

  1. Identify college criteria important to you
  2. Schedule time for computer search in Guidance (CHOICES)
  3. Create list of 8-10 schools using College Handbook, Index of College Majors, Catalogs, Bulletins, Friends, People, in the field.
  4. Plan Spring Visits
  5. Plan appropriate dates for the SAT I, ACT, AP and/ or SAT II
  6. Attend WLHS College Plan Night


  • Complete Course Selection Sheets
  • Junior Resumes
  • Junior Mock Interviews


  • Make initial visits to colleges during Spring Break
  • Review SAT I scores and narrow choices
  • Attend Howard High School Military Academy Night


Request teacher recommendations letters (Submit resumes to teacher)


  • Complete college visits and interviews
  • Gather information on which you will base your final college choices
  • Outline and write (if possible) any essay that may be necessary for applications
  • Request college applications and catalogs
  • Prepare a college comparison checklist
  • Complete military academy ROTC applications



  • Update resumes, parent release forms, teacher recommendations and student profile.
  • Senior credit check with counselor.
  • Sign up for visiting college representatives and career speakers.
  • Check personal decision days and Early Admission deadlines
  • Check Deadlines for AP, SAT, ACT, and SAT II
  • Plan final college visits
  • Request teacher recommendations giving adequate time to teachers, copy's of resume letters go directly to Guidance registrar
  • Submit "Early Decision" applications.


  • Confirm application deadlines and admissions policies
  • Complete personal recommendations forms
  • Visit College Fairs- Howard County, Baltimore County, and Washington, D.C.
  • Narrow choice(s) to one(s) that coincide(s) with your needs


  • Send Application to college/trade/technical school of your choice
    • One dream School
    • One or two satisfactory choice
    • One back-up
  • Check deadlines for AP, SAT, ACT, and SAT II
  • Pick up FAFSA and Financial Aid Profile Applications
  • Attend financial Aid Workshop (TBA)


  • Check your scholarship deadlines
  • Verify your name on diploma list (senior credit check with counselors)
  • Applications for MD state schools must be mailed by Dec 1
  • Early Decision and rolling admission decision will be received.


  • File Financial Aid Profile and FAFSA (includes MD State Scholarship)


  • Make an appointment to send mid-year grades to the colleges of your choice
  • Final deadlines for most private colleges
  • Indicated interest in AP exams to department chairmen
  • Talk with military, trade and technical school representatives about opportunities
  • Visit trade/technical schools to evaluate their programs-Apply to schools of your choice


  • Local scholarship interviews will be held.
  • Sign up for AP exams


  • Private College Acceptances will be mailed
  • Notify guidance secretary of all acceptances
  • AP exams are offered
  • Notify acceptances and rejections in writing. Submit stamped address envelope for final transcript to registrations.