Junior and Senior College Checklists

Transcript Request Process

We want to provide you the support you need to answer your questions and plan for your future!

You will find links below to directions on how to order transcripts as well as the two forms you need to submit to complete your order.  PLEASE read the directions carefully so that we can accurately process your request. These directions and forms can also be found on the Student Services Canvas page as well.

Our team needs at least 20 days to process your request for a transcript.  You can order transcripts even if you haven't finished your application process.  Your School Counselor will send your transcript based on your deadline.  Please communicate with your School Counselor early and often! We are excited to work with you! 

Please reach out to your School Counselor with any questions.

We are here for you!
WLHS School Counseling Team

WLHS Transcript Process 

Waiver of Rights Form

Transcript Request Form



Do a Self-Evaluation

Make an appointment with counselors to review progress & plan senior year courses

Identify Colleges

  1. Identify college criteria important to you
  2. Schedule time for computer search in Guidance (CHOICES)
  3. Create list of 8-10 schools using College Handbook, Index of College Majors, Catalogs, Bulletins, Friends, People, in the field.
  4. Plan Spring Visits
  5. Plan appropriate dates for the SAT I, ACT, AP and/ or SAT II
  6. Attend WLHS College Plan Night


  • Complete Course Selection Sheets
  • Junior Resumes
  • Junior Mock Interviews


  • Make initial visits to colleges during Spring Break
  • Review SAT I scores and narrow choices
  • Attend Howard High School Military Academy Night


Request teacher recommendations letters (Submit resumes to teacher)


  • Complete college visits and interviews
  • Gather information on which you will base your final college choices
  • Outline and write (if possible) any essay that may be necessary for applications
  • Request college applications and catalogs
  • Prepare a college comparison checklist
  • Complete military academy ROTC applications



  • Update resumes, parent release forms, teacher recommendations and student profile.
  • Senior credit check with counselor.
  • Sign up for visiting college representatives and career speakers.
  • Check personal decision days and Early Admission deadlines
  • Check Deadlines for AP, SAT, ACT, and SAT II
  • Plan final college visits
  • Request teacher recommendations giving adequate time to teachers, copy's of resume letters go directly to Guidance registrar
  • Submit "Early Decision" applications.


  • Confirm application deadlines and admissions policies
  • Complete personal recommendations forms
  • Visit College Fairs- Howard County, Baltimore County, and Washington, D.C.
  • Narrow choice(s) to one(s) that coincide(s) with your needs


  • Send Application to college/trade/technical school of your choice
    • One dream School
    • One or two satisfactory choice
    • One back-up
  • Check deadlines for AP, SAT, ACT, and SAT II
  • Pick up FAFSA and Financial Aid Profile Applications
  • Attend financial Aid Workshop (TBA)


  • Check your scholarship deadlines
  • Verify your name on diploma list (senior credit check with counselors)
  • Applications for MD state schools must be mailed by Dec 1
  • Early Decision and rolling admission decision will be received.


  • File Financial Aid Profile and FAFSA (includes MD State Scholarship)


  • Make an appointment to send mid-year grades to the colleges of your choice
  • Final deadlines for most private colleges
  • Indicated interest in AP exams to department chairmen
  • Talk with military, trade and technical school representatives about opportunities
  • Visit trade/technical schools to evaluate their programs-Apply to schools of your choice


  • Local scholarship interviews will be held.
  • Sign up for AP exams


  • Private College Acceptances will be mailed
  • Notify guidance secretary of all acceptances
  • AP exams are offered
  • Notify acceptances and rejections in writing. Submit stamped address envelope for final transcript to registrations.