Clubs and Honor Societies

Act of Kindness Club

AOK Club is a student-led organization whose mission is to make acts of kindness the norm for students. To this end, students organize both large and small challenges to help spread kindness in the WL community. With this mission in mind, students create events such as 

food drives, baking challenges for homeless shelters, and clean-up missions to build individual self-esteem and raise school morale by showing every person that he or she really can make a difference.

Meets on (TBD -- our first interest meeting is 9/27 @ 2:15)

Location: Room 326

Aime Sheinhorn | Teacher |

Active Minds

Active Minds is a student-led organization designed to facilitate conversation and activities around mental health and well-being in school. Our students encourage their peers and networks to learn about, talk about, and seek help for mental health issues just as they would for a physical issue, without shame or silence.  All students who are passionate about youth health, mental health, and well-being are welcomed to join.

Contact advisors for meeting details.

Chandra McKnight-Dean | School Psychologist | | 410-313-6968
Brian Mazzeo | School Counselor: Rp-Z | | 410-313-6968

African Student Association

The African Student Association is a club for all African students at Wilde Lake High School to embrace there culture. The plan for ASA is to increase and show representation along with awareness to Africans at Wild Lake High School. We strive to connect with each other because we’re all from different country’s but share a common bond. ASA consists of dancing, discussions, performances, presentations and embracing culture and sharing it with others. ASA's main goal is to have all different African ethnicity’s come together and connect and shed light on each other.

Meetings: Every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:45 to 3:45 in the Green Room.

Cara Roberts | Teacher |
Brett Rankin | Teacher, Music |

Best Buddies

Best Buddies is a national non-profit organization that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our Wilde Lake chapter meets monthly in the cafeteria to socialize and play games. Students can opt to be in one to one matches and get together with their buddy more often.

Meets Monthly on a Wednesday.  Check school calendar or instagram @bestbuddieswlhs for exact dates.

Kelly Broyles | CRD & FACS Instructional Team Leader, Teacher, Allied Soccer and Softball |
Patricia Crowe | Bookkeeper |

Book Club

Read for enjoyment along with others! Book choices are made by the group and copies are made available through the WLHS Media center.

Meets in the media center, dates TBD.

Katie Palmateer | Media Coordinator |

Cat’R’Acts Improv Troupe #4918

Contact advisor for details.

Jessica Padgett | Teacher, Theatre Arts |

Class of 2023

Contact advisors for more details.

Stefanie Jones | Teacher |
Coretta Spriggs | Paraeducator |

Class of 2024

Contact advisors for details.

Jessica Padgett | Teacher, Theatre Arts |
Chantal Thacker | Teacher |
Jessica White | Instructional Team Leader |

Class of 2025

Contact advisors for more details.

Amy Archibald | Teacher |
Miles Blount | Paraeducator |

Class of 2026

Contact the advisor for more details.

Sabrina Reely | Teacher |

Color Guard

Rehearsals are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2:15-3:30, only through football season. Recruiting will begin in May.

We are the Color Guard for marching band. We are involved in rehearsal and participation in football game halftime shows; Band camp over the summer. You must attend band camp in august to participate, so please sign up before the end of the school year! No requirements; see Ms. Bell in room 332

Melissa Bell | Instructional Team Leader |

Drama Club and Stage Production

Meets in Mini Theatre, meeting times TBD.

Contact advisor for details.

Jessica Padgett | Teacher, Theatre Arts |

Dungeons, Dragons, and Anime Club

This club is designed to bring those who are bored to a place where they can learn to have fun in a new way and build comradery with their peers through Dungeons & Dragons and Anime.

Meeting Dates/Times: Every Tuesday from 2:30-5:30

Location: Room 218

Joseph Press | Teacher |

Educators Rising (Formerly Future Educators of America)

Educators Rising aims to  inspire high school and college students to serve their communities by entering the field of education. Educators Rising is a national organization at high schools and colleges that provides support and community to future educators, as well as opportunities to cultivate the skills they need to be successful educators. There are also opportunities to attend yearly conferences at Towson University and to earn graduation cords!

Meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month during Advisory.

Location: Room 217

Indria Mason | Paraeducator |

Environmental Club

Contact advisor for details.

Melissa Bell | Instructional Team Leader |

ESOL Student Leadership Team

This club is for ESOL students who want to be leaders, help each other, and help the school!

Meetings are in room 219 on Tuesdays afterschool.

Laura Cometa | Teacher |

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

The purpose of the FCA is to create an opportunity for Christian athletes at Wilde Lake to have a space to connect with other students who also share their passion for sports and faith. The FCA mission is to engage, equip, and empower each other not only in athletics, but in all aspects of life.

Meeting in room 136 every Wednesday after school from 2:15-2:45.

Kristin Cooper | Teacher |

French Club

A club where students who are either currently attending French classes or are interested in France and French culture can meet to learn and explore a variety of different French aspects (food, music, language, etc.) with others with like-minded interests. Club meetings are held every first Monday of the month in room 301.              

Yimei Wu | Teacher |

Future Medical Professionals

The Future Medical Professionals Club is for students who are strongly interested in pursuing a health profession. The Club welcomes guest speakers from various health disciplines, offers opportunities for obtaining college and health career planning information, provides medical training experiences, and carries out health-related volunteer activities. If you are thinking seriously about a health-related profession, please contact: Kaycee Henderson Setutsi Abdallah or the club advisor.

Paul Mandl | Teacher |

Gamers Club

The purpose of the club is to compete in friendly video game-based competition while engaging in positive social interaction.

Meets every other Friday in room 220. See Mr. Hill for more details.

Daniel Hill | Teacher |

Green and Gold

To provide mentors to incoming freshman and help them successfully transition to WLHS. To build relationship and connections as we welcome new students into our building. Application process for juniors and seniors in early May, most are recommended by teachers but all students are welcome to apply. ALL MENTORS must attend training in June and camp in August. Freshmen are picked by MS counselors and teachers.

Meets in room 224, WCT, and Wednesday after school, other scheduled times for activities.

Katherine Volpe | Teacher |
Lindsey Startt | Teacher |
Miles Blount | Paraeducator |


A setting in which LGBTQ youth and their allies have a place to socialize without being judged as well as talk about what is happening in the news in regards to the LGBTQ community. Enjoy watching movies, reading articles, talking about recent happenings, and socializing. Just show up to meetings, no requirements. Come when you can!

Meets on Wednesdays from 2:15-3:00pm

Location: 331

Katie Palmateer | Media Coordinator |
Brittany Franckowiak | Teacher |

Hispanic Voices

A club for students that identify themselves as a Hispanics/Latinos/Latinx and for students that want to learn about the culture.  It is a bilingual club. The purpose of the club is to embrace our own culture and learn about others.  The club highlights the Hispanic/Latin culture in the school community. .

Meeting dates:  Every other Tuesday from 2:15p.m. to 3:15p.m.  - Room #307

Rosa Maria Gamble | Teacher, Spanish |
Vanessa Morales | Hispanic Achievement Liaison |

Humanitarian Club

Learn about world issues and effect change both worldwide and in our local communities. Club meets each Tuesday after school from 2:15 - 2:50.  

Leah Chrest | Teacher |

International Club

Learn about other cultures and help coordinate our school-wide Culture Day celebration each spring. On Fridays, we build a diverse community by sharing presentations about different countries, participating in multicultural activities, and sharing our passion for international travel, languages, and cultures. Come to a meeting – all are invited!

Meets on every Friday after school 2:15-3pm

Location: Room 217

Laura Cometa | Teacher |
Colleen Miller | Teacher |
Janaki Venkatarajan | Paraeducator |

It's Academic

Meets on: Thursdays @ 2:15-3:15

Location: #136

The It's Academic club at WLHS competes at numerous intra- & inter-states quiz bowl tournaments throughout the year, where participants answer questions covering a broad range of subjects, from history to chemistry to even sports. These competitions test not only your depth of knowledge in certain areas, but also your ability to buzz quickly, similar to Jeopardy. In the past, It's Academic itself was a televised academic quiz bowl competition aired on WJZ-TV 13, CBS. Anyone who enjoys trivia or competition, regardless of skill level, is welcome to join us at our weekly meetings, where we practice with buzzers and practice questions. Check out the for free tournament packets and a forum on high school quiz bowl with many resources devoted to it.


Chris Lienhard | Teacher |
Tushar Sura | Teacher |

Knit and Crochet Club

Cast on. Chain twenty. If you know what to do, bring your project and chat with others who enjoy knitting and crocheting. If you have no clue, but want to know more, come hang out and learn how to knit and/or crochet! 

Meets on Tuesdays from 2:15-3:00pm

Location: Media Center

Katie Palmateer | Media Coordinator |

Math Team

Meets on Wednesdays in Room 307 from 2:15-3:00.

Math Team is a member of Howard County Math League (HCML) and participates in eight HCML competitions each year.

Michelle Tarr | Teacher |

Muslim Students’ Association

Contact advisor for details.

Jeannette Dixon | GT Resource Teacher |

Quill and Scroll

Meets in room 211, see advisor for more details.

Ben Townsend | Teacher, School Newspaper |
Kaitlyn Curtis | Instructional Team Leader |

Rise Up Mentorship

Rise Up Mentorship is a student led and run program whose purpose is to support increase enrollment of black and brown students in honors, GT, and AP courses. The mentorship program provides community and academic support for students joining advanced courses for the first time. The club has open study hours on Wednesdays from 2:15-3:00 and has whole group meetings once a month on Wednesdays.

Meets on Wednesdays, 2:15-3:00 Tutorial with a club meeting once a month. 

Location: Room 238

Kaitlyn Curtis | Instructional Team Leader |


Since 2012, The Robotics Club (“Wilde Bunch,” FRC Team #4137 & FTC Team #13433 ) has actively participated in an international HS robotics competition that is organized by FIRST. Students and mentors work intensely to build game-playing robots. The team with a given standard set of parts and a budget is encouraged to buy more parts or make specialized parts for this competitive-robot. Each team member becomes a valuable team-member with GRACIOUS PROFESSIONALISM by bringing in their own sets of skills. Thus, besides on-field competition, students have an opportunity to show case their entrepreneurship, creativity, engineering and industrial design, computer programming, organization skills, safety and exemplifying the core values of the program. The goal of the club is to inspire students to be science and technology leaders. 

Meet weekly: WED @ 2:15 PM - 4:00 PM in Room #138/142

In addition, during season: SAT-SUN @ 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM in Room #138/142

Tushar Sura | Teacher |

Share the Music - Orchestra

Meets in room 169, see advisor for more details.

Enkelejda Spiro | Teacher |

Sign Language Club

Meets in room 308, see advisor for more details

Linda Shin | Teacher |

Speech and Debate Team

Debate Team meets Wednesdays 2:15-3:15, room 302

Speech Team meets Thursdays 2:15-3:15, room 302

WLHS Showcase/parent night 10/8/22 at 6:30 in JRT minitheater

Competition information at:

Virtual competitions held at:

Honor society information at:

Kelli Midgley | Teacher |
Dylan Valente | Teacher |

Step Team

Meets on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school in the cafeteria.

Miles Blount | Paraeducator |

Street Dance Club

Contact advisor for more details.

Joseph Press | Teacher |

Student Government Association (SGA)

Meets on Wednesday after school in Room 228.

Students may apply to join when applications are released - most often in the spring for the following school year and sometimes in the fall for the current school year. Students who submit an application will be interviewed by the current SGA executive board. Student members are expected to pay dues at the beginning of the school year. We coordinate and organize school-wide events to encourage and promote school community and spirit like Planning Spirit Weeks, Pep Rallies, School Fundraising, and Dances.

John Wallace | Teacher/JV Head Coach |
Chris Lienhard | Teacher |

TEDTalk Club

Contact advisor for details.

Betsy Fetchko | Teacher |

The Paw Print - School Newspaper

Meets in room 211, see advisor for more details.

Ben Townsend | Teacher, School Newspaper |

The Scholars Leadership Program

Contact advisors for details.

Laura Collier | Teacher |
Kazandra Anderson | Social Worker |

Ultimate Frisbee

Varies by tournament seasons, WLHS practice fields, fall and spring. See Mr. Mandl for more details.

We play tournament ultimate frisbee against other self-organized teams around the county. There are no restrictions, all ages and genders are welcome.

Paul Mandl | Teacher |

Wilde Lake Chess Club

Contact advisor for details.

Paul Mandl | Teacher |

Women's Activism Club

Our first and core goal is to create a safe space for people of all gender identities where we can talk openly about issues in society and the world. We aim to collaborate with local organizations to incorporate a community service component to our work, as well as stand in solidarity and support at local advocacy events.

Meeting Dates/Times - One Friday per month (Room 306 at 2:15 pm)

Rachel Kostelec | Teacher |