Early Dismissal Procedures & Attendance Notes

Fri, 01/06/2023 - 7:40am

Please send all attendance notes to WLHSAbsence@hcpss.org and include:

  •     Student first and last name 
  •     Parent/Guardian name and phone number
  •     Indicate in the subject line if you are requesting an absence, late arrival or early dismissal
  •     Send from the e-mail address on your family file
  •     For an early dismissal, indicate the reason, time and if they will return to school that same day
  •     For an absence or late arrival, please put a reason for the time missed

Parents/Guardians who have arranged for dismissal in advance by note or email should wait outside the building for your student to exit at the specified time. If your student does not exit at the expected time, please call the front office at 410-313-6965 and we will call your student for you.

If you did not send in advance notice for an early dismissal, please come inside the school with identification to dismiss your student.