Report Cards are Available Online Through Synergy

Fri, 11/11/2022 - 8:06am

Wilde Lake Students & Families,

Quarter 1 report cards will be available through Synergy starting today, November 11th at 4pm.    

Parents/guardians may view/download report cards by taking the following steps:

  • Log in to HCPSS Connect Synergy using the parent/guardian credentials
  • Select More Options from the left panel
  • Select Report Cards from the middle
  • Select the Report Card you wish to access

The full set of directions in multiple languages can be found HERE.  Students will also bring home a hard copy of their report card on Tuesday, November 15th. 

As you review your student’s report card, if you find your student needs additional help in any courses, here are some ways for you to access help for your student:


Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held Monday, Nov. 21 in person and Tuesday, Nov. 22-Wednesday, Nov. 23 virtually. Here is how to sign up:

Parents/guardians must log in with their own credentials. Please check to be sure you are not logged in as your child.  

The sign-up window closes at 4 pm, Thursday, Nov 17.

Log in to HCPSS Connect Synergy using parent/guardian credentials

Select Conference from the left navigation pane, and click the Parent Scheduled Conferences link in the top right corner.

Select a time option for each class listed. The conference will be saved automatically. Once you select a time option, all other time options for that class will become unavailable.  To select a different time option, clear the first checkbox and select a new option.  

If you have more than one child, select the next child in the top left corner.  

Additional directions on registering for conferences can be found online.


WLHS also hosts Beyond School Hours – an after school academic help program for students from 2:15pm – 3:15pm.  

Here is the schedule:

  • Math Help:  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in room 321
  • Science Help:  Tuesday and Wednesday in room 312
  • English Help:  Tuesday and Thursday in rooms 304(9th & 10th), 324(11th) and 306(12th)
  • EL Help:  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in room 217

Canvas is a great way to stay connected to your student’s progress.  Through Canvas you can see your student’s grades and you can set up a system of alerts to notify you when your student isn’t doing well.  Here is a link to more information about Canvas.

Reach out to your student’s teachers.  Here is a link to a list of our staff and their email addresses:  WLHS Staff Emails You can also reach teachers by phone at (410) 313-6965.  

We look forward to a continued partnership with you regarding your student’s success!