Thu, 04/01/2021 - 1:26pm

Today is "Newspaper Day" at Wilde Lake! Read about your school below in news and opinions written and edited by students. Participate in your school by adding comments to the "comments" section. Share the stories you love on your own social media. 

Go to the PAWPRINT ONLINE and read about Students and Teachers:
Teachers Union Against Return to Hybrid, Students Divided: Zoe MacDiarmid
Teachers and Students Feel Burnout After a Year of Virtual School: Maddy Feldwick
With One Foot Out The Door, Virtual Seniors Step Toward Independence: Amy Batmunkh
Howard County Names Three Wilde Cats Young Authors Contest Champions: Amaiya Sancho

Read About Just A Thought: An Opinions Column:
Just A Thought: On Columns: Sarah Rubin
Just A Thought: On Positivity: Sarah Rubin
Just A Thought: On Living in the Moment: Sarah Rubin

Coming Soon:
Just A Thought: On Doing What You Love : Sarah Rubin
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