Thu, 09/03/2020 - 8:11am

These are HCPSS approved online materials that students can use while learning online. Please make sure you are using Google Chrome and you are logged into your HCPSS account before you go to any of these links.

HCPSS has created a new webpage Chromebook Care which includes tips on caring for and transporting Chromebooks, as well as student mobile technology duties and obligations and additional resources.

HCPSS Canvas Student Resource Page

Having difficulty getting to a Meet or a Google Assignment? This resets your Chrome to default to HCPSS accounts

Need an HCPSS Chromebook? Students at WLHS need to contact the front office (410-313-6965) 

Log in help:

Account Self Service (usernames and passwords)   

Directions for Account Self Service 

Extension for Google Meet: Instructions to add Google Nod extension  - Allows user to raise their hand or give an expression during a Meet.

Create a PDF of your paper assignment and turn it in on Canvas

If you still are having difficulty please email and and we will work with you to get connected.

If you would like to fill out an online form to request help, please fill out the Wilde Lake High School - Student and Family Technology Support Request Form