Tue, 09/08/2020 - 4:57pm

Try refreshing your Chromebook first:

The Refresh Procedure cuts power completely to the main board and causes it to reinitialize. This typically corrects any issues with ChromeOS loading. 

1. Turn off your Chromebook by pressing one of the power buttons, or by clicking into the menu in the bottom-right corner and selecting the power icon.  

2. Press and hold the Refresh button (which is located just above the 3 and 4 keys) and tap the Power button. (Do not hold down the Power button) 

3. Release the refresh button when you see your Chromebook starting back up.  


If this does not work then try a reset: 

The Reset Procedure completes a full factory reset and re-enrolls the device. 

1. While the Chromebook is off, press Esc +  refresh + Power.  The Chromebook will reboot and a message stating Please insert a recovery USB stick or SD card is displayed. 

  Note: A USB Stick or SD Card is NOT required to complete this process.  

2. Press Ctrl + D. The screen will display a message about clearing local data. 

3. Press ENTER. The Chromebook will reboot and this image will be displayed. 

4.  A message will display stating Developer Mode being disabled and clearing local data.  Press Enter.  After the final reboot, the Chromebook will boot to a Welcome screen. 

5. Click the Let’s go button. 

6. The Connect to a network screen should say WiFi: Connected. Click the Next button. 

7. On the Google Chrome OS terms screen, toggle OFF the System security setting. Then click Accept and continue. 

8. The Chromebook may re-enroll itself into the management system automatically. If it does, the process is finished and the regular HCPSS login screen will be displayed and the student can login with their Active Directory credentials.  

If it doesn't re-enroll automatically, it will display the Enterprise Enrollment screen, on this screen, a student needs to type their full email address (  The enrollment screen will pre-fill at the end since that is our Google Domain but they need to type 

9. The enrollment process is now complete. The regular login screen will be displayed.