WLHS - Selecting Your 8th Class

Wed, 07/29/2020 - 8:58pm

Greetings Ohana,

As you know, it was determined this month that Howard County schools will operate virtually for the first semester from September 8, 2020 through January 28, 2021.  We will deeply miss seeing our Wildecats in person every day, but we want everyone to stay safe and healthy until we can come together again.  

In order to support students’ academic and social-emotional well-being in the virtual setting, the student schedule has changed to a 4x4 semester schedule.  Students will take 4 classes during each semester.  The change allows students to take 8 courses, instead of the 7-course model that we have traditionally followed, while focusing on only 4 courses at a time.  To complete this schedule, students will need to indicate through a survey what class they would like to add.  Students will be able to select their top 3 choices for their 8th class.  

You can review the High School Course Catalog to assist in choosing classes.  

We ask that all students/families complete the survey by the close of business on Tuesday, August 4th 

If you have any questions about adding this class or your schedule, (such as ARL or work release), please contact your Counselor directly. Your Counselor is assigned to you based on your last name:

Sherri Malloy | Department Coordinator/School Counselor: J - Mg | sherri_malloy@hcpss.org
Irene Bademosi | School Counselor: A - Da | irene_bademosi@hcpss.org
Brian Mazzeo | School Counselor: Sd - Z | brian_mazzeo@hcpss.org
Yvette Pruett | School Counselor: Db- I | yvette_pruett@hcpss.org
Sharon Shaw | School Counselor: Mh-Sc | sharon_shaw@hcpss.org

We appreciate your quick response so we can create the best schedule for our Wildecats prior to the start of the school year.  For students who do not complete the survey, counselors will identify the 8th class to place in the schedule.

For Class of 2022 students who are attending the information session on August 4th at 6:30pm about English 11cc/English 121 dual enrollment English for juniors, you are welcome to complete the survey after you attend the information session. We will be at meet.google.com/jii-botw-iyi or (‪US)‪+1 475-441-5266 PIN: ‪122 916 917#.  See the community message from 7/28/20 for more details.

When considering your additional class, keep in mind the following opportunities:

1.     Dual Enrollment Courses - these classes give you high school credit AND college credit at same time.  Contact your counselor for more information.  

2.     Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

3.     Career Academy Courses

4.     Required Technology Education courses for graduation

5.     Fine Arts Electives

6.     SAT Prep

7.     Electives related to current events - examples include African American Studies, African American Literature, Women’s Studies, Environmental Science and Environmental Science AP.  

For those students who would like to have scheduled time for study and work completion, high schools will offer a study course and an AP test prep course.  These courses are not listed in the course catalog.  

1.     Academic Seminar (MC-400) 1 credit

This course allows students to work on organizational and study skills and engage in academic support.  (Counts as an elective credit)

2.     Advanced Placement (AP) Seminar (MC-800) 1 credit or .5 credit 

This course allows students to participate in review sessions for AP classes.  This course is only offered during the second semester.  (Counts as an elective credit)

Students who select one of these courses should be able to work independently in a structured setting.  

Students with IEP goals that require year-long support can have an additional section of tutorial as their 8th credit.  Additional math/language arts seminars are provided for goal/content specific needs, and students can register for these courses in consultation with a counselor; these courses are helpful for students who may need continuous math or English instruction for a full year.

Again, we ask that all students/families complete the survey by the close of business on Tuesday, August 4th.    Thank you!