SUPPORTING EQUITY AT WLHS - “Make a Difference - Make Up the Difference”

Mon, 06/08/2020 - 1:34pm

Are you looking for a tangible and powerful way to support our work at WLHS to create equitable learning communities?  Our students frequently arrive to WLHS in 9th grade having been tracked into math classes that prevent them from accessing higher-level math classes prior to graduation.  In order to remove this barrier, prior to the school closure, we invited a cadre of 8th and 9th grade students to register for a summer school math class, at a very reduced cost, that will allow them to accelerate their math pathway.  We have not yet raised enough funds to cover the cost differential between the original cost of the summer school class and the students’ financial contribution.  If you would like to help “Make Up the Difference,” you can donate to our Student Support Fund. Thank you for your support of our Wildecats!