Thu, 11/14/2019 - 8:16am

To support our students and families, Wilde Lake High School has partnered with the MVA to administer the Driver’s Learners Permit Test FREE OF CHARGE to our students at Wilde Lake High School. The tentative test dates given at Wilde Lake are:

January 15th at 2:15 (now accepting signed permission slips)
February 25th at 2:15
March 27th at 2:15
April 24th at 2:15

Students must be at least 15 years old and 9 months to take the test. The testing session only allows for 35 students at a time. Students will be accepted to participate in the test on a first come first serve basis. Students must return the required, signed parent permission slip to Mrs. Broyles in order to participate. Permission slips will be available in room 223. 

The test is 20 minutes, with 25 questions.  In order to pass students may only have 3 incorrect answers. Unfortunately, extended time will not be offered for those students that require extended time accommodations. Those students that need to use extended time must complete the driver’s learners permit test at an MVA location, where they can be best supported with MVA personnel.

Once students pass the test on their testing day, they will be provided documentation to submit to their local MVA office so they can obtain the actual driver’s permit. The actual permit is $50.00; it is valid for two years. Students will need to have the required paperwork when visiting the MVA to obtain their actual permit:

1 Proof of Age and Identity
1 Proof of Social Security
2 Proofs of Residency
Verification of School Attendance Form

The entire testing process takes about an hour, 15 minutes to check in students, 20 minutes for the assessment and 15 minutes to grade the assessment. If you have any additional questions, please contact in room 223.

Please visit the website to confirm the required documentation.