Clubs and Honor Societies

Anime Club

We meet after school on Thursdays 2:10-3:10

If you like anime or manga then come on down to the library after school. We watch anime, read manga, play games, and just generally have fun. We do club outings and school activities such as homecoming and spring fair! So come on down anytime, we’ll be glad to have you!

Annora Bailey | Media Specialist |

Band Front (Flags)

Meets Tuesdays & Thursdays from 2:15-4:00 through October 30th.

Melissa Bell | Teacher |


Meets on Mondays in Room 167 at 2:15.

Kevin Crouch | Teacher, Chorus |


Meets on Tuesdays at 2:15 in room 167

Kevin Crouch | Teacher, Chorus |

Best Buddies

Meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month in Room 131, 2:15 - 3:15

Karen Busso | Teacher |
Nicola Kosecki | Teacher |

BSAP Students of Success

BSAP Students of Success is a student leadership group provided by the Black Student Achievement Program of Wilde Lake High School. This leadership group will serve as a positive outlet for African American students. This group is designed  to help students reduce stress while enabling them to develop leadership skills so they will be able to better serve as a role model at Wilde Lake High School and in the community. This group will also serve as an opportunity for student participants to generate more awareness about African American history and culture. Group participants will develop better critical thinking skills while establishing relationships with other students that are part of the group. See Mr. Nicks for more details about meetings.

Meetings take place each Wednesday after school from 2:20PM to 3:20PM.

Marcus Nicks | BSAP |

Chemistry Club

Meets on the first and third Thursdays of the month in Room 231, starts at 2:15

Tushar Sura | Teacher |

Christian Club

Meets on Thursdays at 2:20 in room 336

Class of 2017

Meets in Room 331

Brittany Franckowiak | Teacher |
Jessica Nichols | Teacher |

Class of 2018

Meets in room 220

Leslie Garbutt | Teacher | | Website
Kaitlyn Curtis | Teacher |

Class of 2019

Meets in room 310

Maria Romano-Sweitzer | Teacher |
Susan Pennington | Teacher |
Jeannette Dixon | GT Resource Teacher |

Class of 2020

Meets in room 218

Melissa Bell | Teacher |
DeAnna Amalemba | Teacher |

Class of 2021

Meets in room 330

Lisa Gottlieb | Teacher, English & Reading |
Megan Shea | Teacher |
Jennifer Wilson | Teacher, Reading Specialist |


Meets in room 171, see advisor for more details

Drama Club & Stage Production

Meet in Mini Theater, meeting times TBD.

Tracy Adler | Teacher, Drama |

Environmental Club

Meets on Wednesdays (2:15-2:45) in room 332 and Friday's (2:15-3:00) in room 234

Plan activities that make WLHS a more environmentally friendly place by recycling of school materials on Friday and Howard County Envirothon in the spring. Just stop by! We are happy to have anyone who is intersted.

Jamie Proctor | Teacher, Instructional Team Leader |
Melissa Bell | Teacher |
Erika Wunderlich-Hite | Teacher |

Equestrian Club

Every Wildecat time in room 327

Elizabeth Congedo | Teacher |

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Meets in room 334, see advisor for more details

Erin Carpenter | Teacher |

Food on the 15th

The WLHS branch of Food on the 15th, a local non-profit that collects food for senior citizens. Our goal is to give back to the local community through food collections and spreading awareness. Any students interested in giving back to the community through Food on the 15th are welcome to join.

Meetings First Tuesdays each month after school in the front office

Rick Wilson | Principal |

French Club

A club where students who are either currently attending French classes or are interested in France and French culture can meet to learn and explore a variety of different French aspects (food, music, language, etc.) with others with like-minded interests. Club meetings are held every first Monday of the month in room 301.              

Yimei Wu | Teacher |

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

Meets on 2nd and 4th Wildecat times and some after school when announced.

Karen Busso | Teacher |
Susan Bullock | Teacher, Instructional Team Leader |

Future Educators of America (FEA)

Meets in Room 328

To promote the teaching profession and to provide a group for students who are interested in the field of education. There are no restrictions or requirements for joining.

Jessica White | Teacher, Instructional Team Leader |

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

Meets in Media - TBD

A setting in which LGBTQ youth and their allies have a place to socialize without being judged as well as talk about what is happening in the news in regards to the LGBTQ community. Enjoy watching movies, reading articles, talking about recent happenings, and socializing. Just show up to meetings, no requirements. Come when you can!

Kathleen Palmateer | Media Specialist |

German Club

To share German culture and history like making Gingerbread Houses. The club meets after school for specific celebrations. Listen to announcements, come to any meetings, all students are welcome regardless if they are in a German class or not.

Melissa Rhoton | Teacher, World Languages Instructional Team Leader |

Girls in STEM

First Friday of every month after school in room 331 (all year)

Promoting the interest and participation of girls in STEM fields through activities, field trips, guest speakers, and events like guest speakers, demonstrations/experiments, discussions, local STEM events, field trips. Any student is welcome to come to any meeting! You don't have to be a girl to participate--you just have to support the full inclusion of girls in STEM!

Brittany Franckowiak | Teacher |

Green and Gold

Meets in room 218, WCT, and Wednesday after school, other scheduled times for activities

To provide mentors to incoming freshman and help them successfully transition to WLHS. To build relationship and connections as we welcome new students into our building. Application process for juniors and seniors in early May, most are recommended by teachers but all students are welcome to apply. ALL MENTORS must attend training in June and camp in August. Freshman are picked by MS counselors and teachers.

Katherine Volpe | Teacher, 9th Grade Instructional Team Leader |
Lindsey Startt | Teacher |
Bryan Ringgold | Junior Varsity Boys Coach |

Hispanic Voices

Meets 2 times a Month
2nd and 4th Mondays after school in room #235 or #223

Hispanic Voices is a club for WLHS students of Hispanic/Latino descent and for other students who are interested. Our goal is to provide an environment that fosters community building among Hispanic students and reinforces a positive ethnic identity. We will promote academic achievement and higher education through fun and informative activities throughout the year. Come join us!

Marilyn Barker | Hispanic Achievement Liaison |

International Club

Meets every other Friday in Room 217 at 2:15.

Learn about other cultures and coordinate the school-wide event, Culture Day, that happens in the spring.  We have presentations about different cultures and multicultural activities and planning for Culture Day. Come to a meeting, anyone can join that is a WLHS student!

Karen Bui | Teacher, ELL |
Colleen Miller | Teacher, ELL |

International Thespians

Meets in Mini Theater on the last 2 Mondays of each month

Tracy Adler | Teacher, Drama |

It's Academic

Meets on Wednesdays in Room 231.

Chris Lienhard | Teacher |
Tushar Sura | Teacher |

Italian Club

The mission of the Italian Club is to promote language and cultural understanding, to increase community awareness, to enhance social interactions, and to provide a comfortable, welcoming environment to every student. In addition, the Italian Club aims to create a social network among people of a common interest.

Meets in room 318

Anna Martucci-Morris | Teacher |

Math Team

Math Team is a member of Howard County Math League (HCML) and participates in eight HCML competitions each year. Meets on Wednesdays in Room 337 from 2:15-3:00.

John McGivern | Paraeducator |

MESA - Math, Engineering, Science Achievement

STEM Competition, meets in room 136

Sean Crumley | Teacher |

Music - Orchestra

Meets in room 169, see advisor for more details.

Enkelejda Spiro | Teacher |

Music Vocals/Chorale

Meets on Thursdays from 2:20-3:20 in room 167.

Kevin Crouch | Teacher, Chorus |

Physics Club

Meets in room 136, see advisor for more details.

Katherine Linton | Teacher |

Pom Poms

Meets in room 171, see advisor for more details.

We practice T/Th from 3-5 in the dance room. We perform on Fridays during Basketball season. We mostly practice during the winter season, however, we will perform at Homecoming and during Fall Pep Rally. Auditions are held in the beginning of the year.

Katherine Volpe | Teacher, 9th Grade Instructional Team Leader |

Quill and Scroll

Meets in room 211, see advisor for more details.

Ben Townsend | Teacher, School Newspaper |

Red Cross Club

Meets Wednesdays throughout the year (mostly 1-2 times a month)

Complete service events and provide opportunities to increase participation in community service while working with the American Red Cross.Community Service hours available!

Leslie Garbutt | Teacher | | Website


Since 2012, The Robotics Club (“Wilde Bunch,” Team # FRC 4137) has actively participated in an international HS robotics competition that is organized by FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). Students and mentors work intensely during a six-week period (Season: Jan-Feb) to build game-playing robots. The team with a given standard set of parts and a budget is encouraged to buy more parts or make specialized parts for this competitive-robot. Each team member becomes a valuable team-member by bringing in their own sets of skills. Thus, besides on-field competition, students have an opportunity to show case their entrepreneurship, creativity, engineering and industrial design, computer programming, organization skills, safety and exemplifying the core values of the program. The goal of the club is to inspire students to be science and technology leaders.  

In FALL: Meets on THURS @ 2:15 PM - 3:15 PM in Room 231

In WINTER (6-weeks):  Meets on MON-FRI @ 2:15 PM - 4:00 PM

                   SAT-SUN @ 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM in Room 138/142

Tushar Sura | Teacher |
Brian Rau | Athletic Coordinator |

Science National Honor Society

Meets in room 136. See advisor for details.

Katherine Linton | Teacher |

Sign Language Club

Meets in room 308, see advisor for more details

Linda Shin | Teacher |

Student Government Association (SGA)

The club meets Wednesday's after school in Room 233.

Students may apply to join when applications are released - most often in the spring for the following school year and sometimes in the fall for the current school year. Students who submit an application will be interviewed by the current SGA executive board. Student members are expected to pay dues at the beginning of the school year. We coordinate and organize school-wide events to encourage and promote school community and spirit like Planning Spirit Weeks, Pep Rallys, School Fundraising, and Dances.

Allison Kipping | Teacher |
Sean Crumley | Teacher |
Michelle Tarr | Teacher |
Elizabeth Congedo | Teacher |

Tapestry - WLHS's Literary Magazine

Meets on Wednesdays in Room 238.

Kaitlyn Curtis | Teacher |

The Paw Print - School Newspaper

Meets in room 211, see advisor for more details.

Ben Townsend | Teacher, School Newspaper |

Ultimate Frisbee

Meets on Saturday afternoons, WLHS practice fields, fall and spring. See Mr. Mandl for more details.

We play tournament ultimate frisbee against other self-organized teams around the county. There are no restrictions, all ages and genders are welcome.

Paul Mandl | Teacher |

Web Comic Club

Meets on Wednesdays after school in the Media Center from 2:15 until 3pm

Our club focuses on the art, writing, and production of the medium of webcomics. Webcomics are usually independently run comics that will have their own website or page for that comic. Studying, or even creating our own storylines or webcomics could be beneficial to attracting the attention of art schools or schools with good art programs.

For students who are interested in storyboarding,  character designing, or scripting for cartoons, the webcomic club would also be very beneficial in practicing these mediums for their future career. Even if a student is not interested in a career in the arts, this club can still be beneficial and fun. Not all stories and comics have to be serious, have a tight continuity, or have the same art style as the webcomics we collectively plan to cover. A member’s comic can either be a complicated story or just funny one shot strips. Anyone can join. Come by when you have time.

Annora Bailey | Media Specialist |

Wildecat Flags

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:15-4:00, only through football season. Recruiting will begin in May.

We are the Color guard for marching band. We are involved in rehearsal and participation in football game halftime shows; Band camp over the summer. You must attend band camp in august to participate, so please sign up before the end of the school year! No requirements; see Ms. Bell in room 332

Melissa Bell | Teacher |


Meets in room 211, see advisor for more details.

Hilary Henderson | Teacher, Yearbook |